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Welcome to! is a free, personalized email reminder service.

- Here's how it works: you tell us when you want us to send you emails in the future, and our service will remember your request, and send you an email in the wee hours of the morning on the designated day or days you need to receive it.

The best part of it is, the service is free to sign up for and use!

- NEWS! 06/08/15: We now have a proper SSL certificate for the site (only $9/year from! Google Ads are also up-n-running again, mostly as an experiment to see how they work.

- NEWS! 12/15/08: The server has been down for the past several days (since Friday the 12th) due to an ice storm that knocked out power. I'll try to resend any reminders that should have gone out in that period. I'm very sorry this occurred. Contact me if you want me to set you up with reminders through Google Calendar or some other alternative, and I'll try to help move you over to such a system.

- NEWS! 8/29/08: Transition to the new server occurred today. Please contact me if you encounter any issues!

- NEWS! 8/27/08: Changes are afoot! Sorry, there was a recent outage, but the backlog of emails from 8/21-8/26 have been sent. I'll watch it more carefully, especially as I gear up to switch this service off to a different server. This transition is planned by the end of August. Please feel free to email support at, or jay at, with your comments or concerns. Thanks for using this service!!